Continous professional development programme (CPD)

For certificate holders, the CPD is the opportunity to keep and upgrade knowledge and competences at the highest standard.

Rules and  requirements

Upon the award of the certificate, EFPA certificate holder is obligated to join the CPD validated by the SQC of EFPA Luxembourg.

To validate his/her participation, EFPA certificate holder will sign a register (physically or digitally) or justify his/her participation to the events validated by the EFPA SQC of EFPA Luxembourg.

All the rules of our CPD are given to the applicants before the final examination and available on the web site of the association.

Following his/her level of certification, a certificate holder have to follow:

Organisation of the CPD

To build and organize an attractive program for its affiliates, EFPA proceed as follow:

1/ The SQC defines the different fields to investigate through the CPD. The International Advisory Board and the certification holders are invited to give their inputs.

2/ The SQC works on particular contents for the CPD with the different experts/speakers.

3/ The Board of Directors approve the module and the calendar made by the SQC.

This mode of operation allows the construction of a CPD offering an answer to current issues encountered by practitioners.

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CPD rules

Maître de conférences Femme


For our members, the mandatory CPD sessions, i.e. the sessions necessary to maintain a certification, are free.

Beyond the mandatory sessions, a charge will be ask to our members for the organization of the CPD (see the CPD rules for more details).

Our CPD is opened to non member against charge (see the CPD rules for more details).

CPD Contents

Our CPD includes mandatory training, such as the ALM training in Luxembourg or the content of retraining hours required by the FSMA.


It also includes more exotic themes to open the minds of our members and give them all the useful tools to develop in their professional careers (management, positive psychology, etc.)


Usual schedule for Internal CPD sessions


EFPA organizes 24 sessions of Continuous Professional Development Program every year. Events from other entities can also be include in our CPD, see below.

All sessions, conferences or events are registered in our events.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions.

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Foule de la conférence

External events included in our CPD

The SQC of EFPA Luxembourg has validated and included in our CPD different events organized by different companies.


Special conditions have been negotiated with our partners to offer access to our members to their events.

Conferences are planned in our events, do not hesitate to consult it.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions.

They welcome our members to their events