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Who we are

EFPA is the leading professional standards setting body for financial advisors and planners in Europe, building public confidence and trust.

EFPA influences the market behaviour of its certificate holders guiding these professionals in Knowledge, Skills, Lifelong learning, Behaviour and Ethics.

EFPA has a code of professional ethics with which certificate holders must comply.

EFPA Luxembourg ASBL

EFPA Luxembourg is a non-profit organization, member of EFPA Europe.


EFPA Luxembourg tailors EFPA certifications and its continuing professional development program to adapt them to legal frameworks and needs of different countries.

EFPA Luxembourg operates in particular in Luxembourg, Belgium, China and Estonia.

With its digital training, EFPA Luxembourg offers a flexible and international solution to professionals wishing to increase their skills and accelerate their career development.

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The main objective of EFPA is to promote the development and dissemination of international professional standards of excellence in order to contribute to the highest level of quality in the professional practice of financial advisers.

EFPA works to ensure that the knowledge and practices of financial advisers reach the level of excellence required by demanding customers through the dissemination of a code of conduct and appropriate certifications.

EFPA thus enables financial advisers to ensure the acquisition and maintenance of their knowledge and skills through certifications recognized at European level.

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The advantages of EFPA Certifications

For individuals


As a sign of professional distinction to customers, employers, regulators, etc.


Public access to certified registered professionals.


Increase business opportunities.


Being able to show a level of knowledge and competences based on recognized standards.

For companies

Optimizes training

Improves results of the investment on education.


When companies are the final responsible of assuring employees’ qualifications (as per ESMA Guidelines and MiFID 2).


Due to a better trained team.

Competitive advantages

In relation to competitors not committed to qualification and certification.

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