EFPA in Europe

Like all the national EFPA, EFPA Luxembourg is member of EFPA Europe.

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EFPA Europe

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email: natalia.cartesegna@efpa-eu.org

EFPA Austria

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EFPA Czech Republic

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email: helpdesk@efpa.cz

EFPA Deutschland

email: info@fpsb.de

EFPA Espana

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email: informacion@efpa.es

EFPA Estonia

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EFPA France

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EFPA Hungary

email: bankarkepzo@bankarkepzo.hu

EFPA Ireland

email: info@iob.ie

EFPA Israël

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email: efpa@efpa-israel.org

EFPA Italia

email: info@efpa-italia.it

EFPA Luxembourg

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email: info@efpa.lu

EFPA Polska

Contact: biuro@efpa.pl

EFPA United Kingdom

email: customer.serv@cii.co.uk