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Our philosophy


As a non profit organisation, EFPA has an important social role and different social aims.

In that framework, EFPA develops different tools to answer to different Social Development Goal of the UN.


Our engagements for the SDGs


EFPA is committed to training young people and the unemployed to increase their employability and limit poverty

Education is the foundation to improving people’s lives and sustainable development.

EFPA improves the skills of employees to improve people’s lives and sustainable development in respect of the best practices.

EFPA helps unemployed and young people through its Social Impact Programme.

EFPA is a solution to educate people and improve their employability.

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Our code of ethics


EFPA is convinced that every financial adviser is defined by two main features: professional integrity and professional qualification.


Ethics and skills are the two dimensions by which every financial adviser should be measured. After all, potential clients must be able to trust the integrated European financial market and its major actors.

Therefore EFPA is promoting the dissemination of a European Code of Ethics.

Download the EFPA Code of Ethics

EFPA Social Impact Program

Because EFPA is totally engage in its social and ethical role, it must give the example.

EFPA multiplies the partnership with different Universities, in the different countries it operates, to offer the possibility to students to apply for its certifications, under advantageous conditions.

EFPA offers also specific conditions to unemployed people to improve their employability and facilitate their return to the job market.

Through its partnership agreement, EFPA offers the possiblity to its corporate partners to participate in the financing of that program (1 final examination offered to unemployed or young people every 10 applicants of the same employer).

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