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What is EFPA's main activity?

EFPA is a professional body defining standards for financial advisors’ education. Main activity of EFPA is preparation of examinations which allow to obtain EFPA certificates as well as accreditation of learning providers who provide preparatory courses and CPD activities.

What is the role of EFPA Europe?

EFPA Europe is an umbrella association which sets minimum quality standards mandatory to respect for all local EFPA organizations. EFPA Europe comprises of representatives of each local EFPA Association and therefore benefits from wide range of expertise. EFPA Europe defines minimum curriculum requirements for all certificates offered by local entities.

What kind of organization is an ideal partner for EFPA at the local level?

Organizations which represent the best fit for establishing a local EFPA are banking associations, tied agent associations, independent advisor associations, insurance agent associations but also universities.

How much does it cost to take an exam? What are available dates?

EFPA Luxembourg organizes 8 certification sessions of ESG each year, on top of 3 EIA, 2 EIP and EFA and 1 EFP certification. Contact us or see our calendar for more information.

Are there online courses available for EFPA exam preparation?

Yes, some of the training centers accreditaded by EFPA Luxembourg can offer digital solution for the courses. 

How much does the training cost?

This depends of the training center. In any case, training fees are due to the training center while certification fees are due to EFPA Luxembourg. 

In which languages ​​are the courses/exams given?

For the moment, courses and exams are provided in English. French is under development.

I am a recruiter and would like to confirm that my applicant has an EFPA certification. How can I do this?

Please first confirm in which country the applicant obtained an EFPA Certificate. On the corresponding website of the local EFPA organisation you can find a search engine which provides public data on all EFPA certificate holders.

I got my EFPA Certificate in Italy and now I would like to move to Luxembourg. How is my certificate recognized in Luxembourg?

EFPA Luxembourg will recognize your certificate and you will be include in the continous development programme of EFPA luxembourg.

I got my Willems Law Certificate in Belgium. Could it be recognized by EFPA Luxembourg?

Thanks to its partnership with Febelfin Academy, EFPA Luxembourg recognizes your certificate as equivalent to the EIA certificate. You just have to fill in your form and send it together with a copy of your certificate to For the payment of your annual fee (150€), you will receive an EIA certificate without any additional exam.


I got my EFPA Certificate in Luxembourg and now I would like to move to the UK. How is my certificate recognized in the UK?

In general, when the EFPA member is offered a job in Luxembourg, their employer has a regulatory responsibility to certify them as being competent in their role.

This assessment will include confirming that they have the relevant qualification. The CII version of this qualification consists of five (examined) modules and a practical examination.

The first module they are likely to take is one on UK regulation. Once they pass this module, their employer can choose to allow them to give advice under supervision from a fully qualified professional. This supervisory period can last up to 48 months and is at the employer’s discretion.

Once the first module is passed, the EFPA member will automatically be awarded the second module by the CII, on investment principles and risk.

They will still have to pass three modules on protection, pensions, and taxation, since these have a large UK-specific focus.

If they are EFA, they will also have to do a practical examination. If they are an EFP, the CII will exempt them from the practical exam thanks to EFPA membership.

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