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Our certifications

To allow each professional to find a certification adapted to her/his needs and to deliver quality education adapted to the various jobs of the sector, we develop a training course on 3 successive levels and a continous development program.


EFPA European Investment Practitioner®

Certification designed to meet the ESMA requirements in terms of knowledge et competences. For those who offer a basic advisory service.

EFPA European Financial Adviser®

A certification aimed at practitioners with an extended financial advisory activity. It is the most widespread level of European certification.

EFPA European Financial Planner®

The highest level of certification. It concerns the financial planning activity as a whole.

EFPA ESG Advisor®

A certification offering a comprehensive insight into ESG topics and is addressed to all professionals interested in obtaining solid knowledge in this sector

Continous development program

Over its certification, we offer a Continous Professional Development Program including mandatory trainings, the latest regulatory developments and the last trend of the financial industry.

Code of Ethics

In accordance with its philosophy and best practices, we promote a code of ethics that each certificate holder must respect.