In its programme, EFPA provides


- 3 levels of certifications for professional of finance,

- 1 stand alone add on certificate for experts in sustainable finance,

- 1 code of ethics,

- 1 continous professional development program.

To build useful certifications, a specific learning methodology, based on simple criteria, has been developed.

EFPA status can allow you to benefit from assistance for the financing of your certification.

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3 levels of certification

EFPA provides a journey in 3 steps to certify your level of comptency through 3 levels of certifications:

- EFPA European Investment Practitioner®, the first step,

- EFPA European Financial Adviser®, the seconf step,

- EFPA European Financial Planner®, the thirf step.

Each certification offers access to the following level. To access to the EFA certification, an applicant must validate the EIP before.

All our certifications meet the requirements set by art. 18 of the Esma Guidelines on knowledge and competences for staff giving investment advice.

Based on the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), a translation tool developed by EU to make qualifications easier to understand and more comparable, the levels of certification provided by EFPA evolve from a bachelor degree (EQF 4) to a master degree (EQF 6).


1 stand alone add on certificate


To complete these certifications, EFPA offers also a certificate for experts in sustainable finance.

- EFPA ESG Advisor® EQF(5)


This add on certicate offers a comprehensive insight into ESG topics and is addressed to all professionals interested in obtaining solid knowledge in this sector.

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EFPA European Investment Practitioner®

Certification designed to meet the ESMA requirements in terms of knowledge et competences. For those who offer a basic advisory service.

EFPA European Financial Adviser®

A certification aimed at practitioners with an extended financial advisory activity. It is the most widespread level of European certification.

EFPA European Financial Planner®

The highest level of certification. It concerns the financial planning activity as a whole.

EFPA ESG Advisor®

A certification offering a comprehensive insight into ESG topics and is addressed to all professionals interested in obtaining solid knowledge in this sector


1 code of ethics


EFPA is convinced that every financial adviser is defined by two main features: professional integrity and professional qualification. Ethics and skills are the two dimensions by which every financial adviser should be measured. After all, potential clients must be able to trust the integrated European financial market and its major actors.

Therefore EFPA is promoting the dissemination of a European Code of Ethics. Each certificate holder must complain with that code of ethics.

In case of failure by one of the members of EFPA, the Ethics Committee will judge this failure, if needed a certification can be withdrawn.

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1 continous professional development programme

To upgrade and keep at the highest standard your knowledge and competences, EFPA promotes a continuous professional development program.

With an appropriate programme, each professional can guarantee a high degree of competency an update his/her skills following the regulation changes.

Étudiants et enseignant en salle de clas

Need help to finance your certifcation

EFPA Luxembourg ASLB is recognized as a training center by the Minister of National Education, Childhood and Youth of Luxembourg.

This status can allow our members to benefit from tax advantages as part of their certification, for unemployed person and also others.

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