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About the Board of Directors

€FPA Luxembourg is seeking high-level directors to support the development of its new projects, drive groundbreaking advancements in vocational education as well as financial literacy.

The BoD will guide €FPA Luxembourg among the landscape of the professional training and the continous development in the best interest of the members of the association and the Luxembourg financial Centre.


The €FPA Luxembourg Board of Directors (BoD) will:

  • Monitor the activities of the association andsuggest.

  • Providing guidelines for the executive management and targets in its activities in order to realize its missions.

  • Introduce and represent the association within different institutions, representative associations, partners, when relevant with the mission of the association.

  • Represent and promote the association during its main events.

  • Oversee the different pillars of the association, define new one when necessary, and report to BoD the advancement of these different activities.

Who can apply?


The BoD aims to be made up of experts in various fields, or leaders in the fields of finance, professional education, governance, economics or professionals with relevant experience and a solid track record in the areas covered by the association (finance, economics, insurance, credit, pensions, sustainable finance, governance, ethics, regulation, taxation).


The Board of €FPA Luxembourg will select the next BoD members considering the different areas of expertise.

The final decision will be taken by the General Assembly of the association in March 2025.

Key dates of the process

Relevant Documentation

Access the BoD call for members terms and conditions
Access the BoD application form
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